Mobile Banking - Download Mobile Banking App For iOS and Android at Kotak Bank

Dear customer, we have updated Kotak Mobile Banking App for iPhone and Android with a mandatory update for security reasons. Please update immediately. Kotak Mobile Banking app will not work on older versions and if you open an old version, you would see a message: “Seems like your network connection is not secure. Please uninstall any third party applications which compromise security and try using Kotak Mobile Banking App again"

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the Kotak Mobile Banking App?

Download the Kotak Mobile Banking app from or go to application stores - Apple App Store / Google Play Store  You can also SMS 'Mobile' to 9971056767 / 5676788 to receive the link on your registered mobile number.

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What type of handset do I need to use the Kotak Mobile Banking App?

Mobile Banking App is supported on your smart phones. The app is available in iOS (version 8.0 onwards), Android (version 5.0.0 onwards) operating systems. You need to have access to internet (mobile data / Wifi) to use the app

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Can I access Kotak Mobile Banking if I have not registered for Net Banking?

Yes. Mobile Banking access is not related to Net Banking. You can register for Mobile Banking using your active Credit or Debit Card details.

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What precautions do I need to take while using Mobile Banking?

Following are the precaution that neess to be taken:

  • Memorize your MPIN and do not write it anywhere. Please don't disclose your MPIN to anyone, including Kotak Mahindra Bank staff
  • Change your MPIN at regular intervals
  • Do not use obvious numbers like date of birth, mobile or landline number, etc. as MPIN

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Will I be charged for using the app?

Mobile Banking app is absolutely free. There are no charges levied by the bank. However standard internet usage charges are applicable as levied by your service providers.

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